Having Trouble Downloading Quotation and Invoice


Every PDF that we generated is encrypted, please enter the password each time you download the PDFs. (for Quotation and Invoice)

And you can input the password to unzip the downloaded PDF file.

The passwords doesn't need to be same as your account passwords.

Please trying to unzip with 7-zip or any types of unzip program. (Trying to extract it via 7-zip)

Press the right-click on the folder, then hover over the 7-zip, option with the cursor.

This will expand another context menu.

In the Encryption section, enter the password by typing in the fields. Click OK to unzip the protected PDF for your review.

And then, please come back to our website and click the "Blue" Confirm button so that we could send Invoice for you to proceed.


Should you have inquiries while using the website, please do let us know.