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AgroRNA Long dsRNA Synthesis Service

RNA interference(RNAi) is a mechanism in which dsRNA inhibits gene function in a sequence specific manner.

RNA interference works in the cytoplasm of the cell; thus it does not genetically modify the organism. It can block and organism’s production of an essential protein and suppress or modify various genetic traits without changing the genetic make-up of the organism. It has been well known that long dsRNA (~200-800 bp) can initiate RNAi in plants, worms, insects, and even shrimp. Thus, dsRNA has been studied and can be a new raw material for herbicide, insecticide, anti-fungal and anti-viral applications for agricultural as well as environmental applications. Because of its sequence specificity, it can also be designed to have no toxicity to non-targeted organisms.

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  • Our product
  • Synthesized via proprietary in-vitro transcription platform
  • Free from any living organisms such as genetically modified E. coli with expresses dsRNA.
  • Provided as pre-annealed duplex
  • Provided with Agarose gel and Nanodrop analysis report
  • Shipped at ambient temperature in liquid form
Grade Grade1 Grade2
Description Unprocessed dsRNA mixture Dissolved in water
Purification No Yes (Standard desalting)
Contains dsRNA, enzymes, salts and major free NTP dsRNA and minor impurities
Synthesis Scale 10 mg 100 mg 1 g 10 g 100 g 1 kg
Guaranteed Amount* > 70 % > 50 %
Turnaround Time 5-6 weeks 6-8 weeks** 8-10 weeks**

* Size from 200 to 800 bp / Pre-annealed as duplex

* Supplied amount may vary depending on the length of dsRNA. Generally, less amount will be provided for shorter dsRNA.

* * For Grade 1 products


Genolution AgroRNA dsRNA Synthesis Service Leaflet